LucrativeTECH: General Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. LucrativeTECH allows only two time project reviews within the 4 weeks of project completion.
  2. Reviews are limited to project requirement, other requirement may be subject to billing.
  3. Life Time Support: We provide technical support for life, please note that some technical issue may require further billing. E.g: scaling up server infrastructure.
  4. We provide FREE training on how to use your product via video/screen recorded tutorial.
  5. Physical training attracts billing.
  6. We upload maximum of 10 products FREE for our eCommerce website, further uploads requires billing.
  7. Content writing/development is FREE only for brochure website, billable for other type of website.
  8. Source code: LucrativeTECH and Client we reserve all rights to source code, if any client does not want us to keep a copy of source code, it has to be stated clearly from the start of the project and thus attract billing.
  9. Impress: we reserve the right to impress for ourselves except where client want otherwise which MAY attract billing.
  10. We accept minimum of 60% mobilization before project begins; the balance has to be full paid after first review task has been completed.


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